Thursday, June 16, 2005

Experimenting with OpenDarwin ... again!

A year or so ago I heard about the release of OpenDarwin v7.0.1 ... the Open Source project building on Apple's Darwin project. Darwin is the core operating system beneath the popular OS X operating system distribution. At that same time I was starting to use Virtual PC for all sorts of other operating systems and so I gave it a try. Well ... it almost worked. The OS installed, and after a little configuration I even had X-Windows working, and a primitive window manager. The network driver ... did not work.

I've spent some time, learned some things, and got some things working. With the recent Intel/Apple announcement, I figured that I would get back into things .... just for the fun of it. I'm going to blog the various lessons and experiments that I perform. I created a new blog - OpenDarwin Experiences ... I'll start to post some stuff tonight. As of today I got the network driver working with OpenDarwin v7.0.1 ... I want to know if I can get it to work with v7.2.1. We'll soon see!


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